Danavation Digital Smart Labels™

Groundbreaking micro e-paper displays for independent grocery stores.

Danavation Technologies Corp.™ is a leading provider of micro e-paper displays in North America. In 2022, CTW announced a partnership with Danavation to provide their state-of-the-art Digital Smart Labels™ to independent grocers and grocery stores. The digital system transforms price control with automatic labelling, price, product information, and promotions in real time.

After an extensive assessment of ESL vendors in the marketplace, our team (working together with IGA regional directors) decided that Danavation had the capabilities and expertise that made them the best in the industry. CTW negotiated pricing for members with Danavation, which will ensure that you are getting the best possible price regardless of how many stores you operate or how many SKUS you have. Furthermore, they are able to offer financing to small, independent grocers. 

Next generation e-paper displays.

Digital Smart Labels™ feature easy-to-read e-ink displays that can display text, images, logos, QR codes, ratings, and reviews and have 10 years of battery life 

Cloud-based software.

Our software is simple, powerful, and intuitive while delivering a secure, highly scalable, and POS/ERP-integrated solution into your existing infrastructure.

Secure system.

The Digital Smart Label™ technology includes enterprise level security with military grade AES encryption to keep your data safe.

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