Reduce Your Costs on HVAC, Lighting, and More.

Energy Efficient Technologies (EET) provides a free assessment to reduce energy costs for independent grocers.

The licensed professional engineers at Energy Efficient Technologies (EET) have been in business for more than 30 years. They formed to provide the most comprehensive energy efficiency solutions possible. They have developed, identified, integrated, patented or deployed more than 200 technologies and process changes across industries, and have specialized in providing solutions to independent grocers.


Quick Paybacks

Energy Efficient Technologies evaluates every aspect of your property, then rank the savings opportunities based on years to payback, developing short-, medium-, and long-term plans that will save you money now—and later.

Cash-Conscious Approach

They look for ways to turn off, improve, automate, and integrate your current systems. Replacement is always a last-resort recommendation.

Thoroughly Tested & Proven Solutions

Energy Efficient Technologies has already evaluated, deployed, or patented more than 200 technologies and process changes for you, so you know you’re getting a best-in-class solution that is proven to save money.

Rebates & Financing

They have numerous programs to deploy technologies with no money out of pocket and no debt.  On every project, they help you secure utility rebates and tax incentives that can reduce your cash outlay by 30-100%

Turnkey Timesavers

Energy Efficient Technologies does all the work for you, from property assessment to equipment installation to rebate application and financing. That lets your staff focus on what’s important.

Proven Results

They offer 15-50% reduction in energy, operating and maintenance costs while increasing equipment lifespan, profitability, and property value.

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