Our Ecosystem

How Circle the Wagons Helps

Our ecosystem begins with a store tour, analyzing your balance sheet and identifying various opportunities for savings. Once we’ve pinpointed areas where we can help you save money or enhance your revenue through our services and products, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. Circle the Wagons specializes in shrink and loss management, sales growth, talent and HR solutions, offering comprehensive consulting in these critical areas. We also examine underutilized spaces within your store, exploring opportunities such as kiosks or store-in concepts.


Circle the Wagons takes pride in serving as a think tank for grocers, offering innovation and expertise across all facets of your business. Our overarching goal is to enhance your bottom line by providing valuable insights and solutions.

We Work For You

  • Absolutely NO COST for Membership
  • We source vendors for Not For Resale services and commodities
  • We negotiate the best terms and offerings possible
  • You have a contract with the vendor, but we monitor quality and service issues
  • If you’re looking for a new Not For Resale service or commodity, we’ll find a vendor. 

Our Offerings Include

Advertising Optimization

Coin & Cash Management

Drug Testing & Health Scanners

Energy Solutions

Equipment & Shopping Carts


Loss Prevention & ID Verification

Office Supplies

Phone Systems & Internet


Technology & Mobile Devices