Circle the Wagons and Puff City Join Forces to Revolutionize the Tobacco Retail Landscape


[HOUMA], [DEC 22] – Circle the Wagons, a leading provider of comprehensive services to grocers, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Puff City, aimed at transforming and innovating the tobacco retail space. This collaboration brings together the expertise of both companies to significantly enhance the bottom line of grocers through a range of services and a groundbreaking store-in-store concept.


Circle the Wagons’ primary objective is to empower grocers by offering a suite of services that includes group purchasing, shrink management, training and development, and store-in-store concepts. This collaboration with Puff City, a visionary in the tobacco industry, aligns with Circle the Wagons’ commitment to providing top-notch services to businesses and facilitating their growth.


Puff City’s vision is to be a leading franchising company, setting the highest standards in both service and products. By focusing on customers’ evolving needs in the ever-changing tobacco industry, Puff City aims to provide a unique retail experience. Their goal is to merge five distinct retail concepts into one cohesive model: Tobacco Shop, Cigar Shop, CBD/Wellness Shop, and Vape Shop. As the global landscape of smoking alternatives continues to evolve, with the Global E-Cigarette Market worth USD 22.17 billion in 2022 and estimated to grow to USD 168.96 billion by 2030, Puff City remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry trends and meeting the diverse preferences of its clientele.


The joint venture between Circle the Wagons and Puff City is designed to create a model that prioritizes consumer needs while offering business owners opportunities for growth. By capitalizing on underutilized space, staying competitive in a dynamic industry, and maintaining the highest standards of customer service, the partnership aims to redefine the retail tobacco experience.


The 10-step process involves applying for licenses, construction, and a comprehensive training program that includes in-store and software training. The implementation also includes the installation of marketing materials and point-of-sale systems, ensuring a seamless transition for grocers adopting this innovative retail approach.


Gerry D’Alessandro, a pioneer in retail, has already embraced the Puff City store-in-store concept, stating, “Puff City transformed our tobacco sales, increasing them from under $3,000 to over 8 times that amount per store monthly. Their expertise and expanded offerings not only attract more customers but also cater to their needs better than we ever could, making them an invaluable addition to our stores.”


This partnership marks a groundbreaking collaboration between Circle the Wagons and Puff City, ushering in a new era of retail innovation in the tobacco space. Both companies are confident that their combined efforts will bring unparalleled value to grocers and set new standards for excellence in the industry.