Guiding Grocers to Digital Success

What we Do

Webstop equips independent retailers with powerful end-to-end platforms that guide shoppers’ customer journeys through discovery to purchase. By providing websites, mobile apps, digital circulars, eCommerce, and more, Webstop gives independent retailers the tools they need to succeed in the market and compete with national chains.

Independent retailers are experts in providing quality products for their local communities but lack the resources to build digital technologies that engage and guide shoppers to purchase. Webstop provides out-of-the-box solutions which allow small teams to create multiple marketing touchpoints quickly without hassle.


The foundation of your digital presence, Webstop responsive websites are built to work across all devices and to integrate seamlessly with your various digital features.


More than a repurposing of print media, Webstop Digital Circulars are an interactive experience that bring together various promotions and are organized around the ever-popular weekly savings format.


Email newsletters drive traffic to your website and provide the outward communication to compliment your other digital channels.


Savings is a key driver of digital engagement. Digital coupons allow shoppers to quickly clip and redeem offers across devices.


Webstop’s 5,000+ recipe database provides meal ideas that build basket size; integration with the Digital Circular and Shopping List expand the reach of the feature.


An additional shopping channel that is convenient for your shoppers and valuable for your business.


Users return to apps at a much higher rate than mobile websites. Take advantage of the powerful features only available thru mobile apps.


Social networks present an additional opportunity to connect with your shoppers. We guide our retailers thru implementation and management of their various social media destinations.


Create a deeper connection with your shoppers and gain valuable insights by tracking their shopping activity.

By the Numbers

Digitally engaged shoppers visit your store twice as much as shoppers who don’t interact with your digital channels.

Digitally engaged shoppers are 6X more loyal than non-digitally engaged shoppers.

Over a one year period, digitally engaged shoppers spent 110% more

*Digitally engaged is defined as someone who is registered online or through the mobile app.


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