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Business Decisions Based on Facts, Not Speculation

ADvay’s Business Optimization Program combines shoppers’ demographics and behaviors with your store’s specific sales data to help you make educated business decisions for everything from advertising, marketing, and merchandising, to long term planning goals.

On average, retailers saved in excess of $10,000 annually on weekly ad costs working with ADvay to create a media plan that better reflects their customers’ media consumption.

And that’s just the beginning for increased profit potential. ADvay’s trade area evaluations and competition assessments are also identifying key categories for growing market share, and working with our test retailer to develop a strategic and executable merchandising and marketing plan to increase sales.

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How the Business Optimization Program Works:

1. Know Your Market

Trade Area Evaluations

How does your market vary between your backyard/5-minute drive time and your 10 and 15- minute drive times from your store?

How does a sales surplus or leakage factor affect your store?

2. Focus Your Advertising

Print Weekly Ad Review

85% of all ADvay Print reviews find savings.

10% of all reviews find media coverage holes.

3. Know the Strength of Your Competition

Competitive Assessment

How strong is your Wal-Mart, Dollar Store, and Grocery competition within a 5, 10, and 15 minute drive time?

How strong is your store’s Marketing share within a 10-minute drive time?

4. Market's Consumer Spend & Potential

Merchandising & Product Category Consumption

Identifying key categories to grow your market share.

What are the category benchmarks of consumer spend and food at home in your 10-minute drive time?

How does your 10-minute drive time market index compare to national average?

5. Identify Your Action Plan

Stregnth, Weakness, & Opportunity, Review

ADvay will define with you the strengths and weaknesses of your go-to-market program.

We will partner with you to develop a strategic and executable merchandising and marketing plan to be implemented for the next quarter.

6. Launch and Execute Your Action Plan

Implementation of Key Items

The local retailer will execute the action plans.

ADvay is available to assist with key elements that need more resources.

7. Know the Results

Assessment of Sales

Retail sales are tracked at category and sub-category level.

Results are reported monthly with a quarterly review with the retailer.

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