At Circle The Wagons Group Purchasing Organization, we source the best vendors across a number of industries to provide the best experience for independent grocery retailers and retail operations. CTW vendors will save you time and money. While most retailers usually have buyers to source produce, meat, deli items, or other primary commodities, companies usually don’t have a dedicated person to find the best uniform vendor, new and used grocery equipment, or store enhancements like cash kiosks and LED lighting. When you become a CTW member, we become that buyer. 

CTW reduces “not for resale” expenses for independent grocers by finding the best vendors and negotiating with those vendors on behalf of all of our retail members. You retain the relationship with the vendor with regards to all operational issues and we continue to help you with quality and service issues. Becoming a CTW member saves you time and money, so you can focus on your core business.

The best part: there is no cost to you to be part of Circle The Wagons GPO.

You get access to our vendors without any annual or joining fees. Once you become a member, all vendors are available to you at no cost. 

Click any CTW vendor below to learn more. If you are interested in a service or vendor you don’t see below, contact us today and we’ll help you find the service you are looking for.


Corporate Spending


Receive a free evaluation of your current insurance products and get a savings of up to 20% on services.


Office Supplies

ODP Business Solutions (formerly Office Depot) has a team that will evaluate your current program and provide you with a comparison of cost. All you need to do is share your annual purchases (by item) and they will provide you with a quote. You can then compare your cost internally prior to making a vendor change.

Phone Systems, Internet & Telecom

ProfitComm providers members with a free assessment and bill review to analyze current IT, telephone, and internet costs. They can find savings of up to 25% on IT services.

Fixed Cost Reduction

After a no-cost benchmark analysis, SIB audits and reduces indirect expenses, including bank fees, trash dumpsters and compactors, payroll processing, armored car, property taxes and more.

Energy Savings

Solar Panels &
EV Chargers

LUX offers no-cost Solar installation and materials for qualified grocery stores and no cost Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with shared revenue for store owners.

Human Resources

Background Checks

CTW has negotiated with them for lower cost for a number of background checks such as National Alias, Statewide criminal, Federal criminal, Social Security verification, Employment verification, MVR, credit checks, and more.

Drug Testing

CTW has negotiated special rate for a types of drug testing resulting in saving of up to 40% over your current program.

Equipment & In-Store Enhancements

Electronic Shelf Labels

Danavation is offering CTW members the lowest pricing on their Digital Smart Labels, innovative e-paper labels that allow quick and easy price changes across one or multiple stores. They also have financing and special incentives available for CTW members.

New & Used Equipment & Displays

Our current customers have saved over 50% on the purchase price of new equipment. They eliminate long lead times on new equipment due to current supply chain issues.


Cash, Check, and Payment Services

Kiosk Prepaid provides financial freedom to 100 million+ un-banked or under-banked people in the United States with a combined ATM, check cashing service, and prepaid debit card dispenser.

Shopping Carts

Peggs offers you a low-cost alernative on everything from carts, hand baskets, u-boats, and more.

Loss Prevention

ID Verification

Their powerful loss prevention and profit protection solution is custom-designed to help retailers and grocers prevent loss, fight fraud, manage vendors, and ensure compliance with mandated store operations and applicable laws in real-time across stores.

Safes & Cash Recyclers

In addition to preferred member access, you can receive up to a 20% discount on cash recyclers and smart safes.


Contact us today and learn more about how to improve the bottom line for your independent grocery or retail business.