Date Check Pro

Stop expired products before they happen.

Finding expired products on your shelves isn’t just an inconvenience for your customers, it’s an experience that they’ll likely share with their network - and even the press.

Date Check Pro is the premier software solution for expiration date management, creating consistency and accountability where traditional rotation and spot checking methods fall short. We provide you with real-time updates on your short-dated inventory so that you can create a fresh, quality experience for your customers every time.


Smart Expiration Date Tracking

Track inventory expiration dates on a per UPC basis and receive proactive alerts when inventory is expiring soon throughout the store.

Use Data to Drive Sales

Make the most profitable decision every time by utilizing sales data to guide markdown decisions.

Protect Your Brand, Satisfy Shoppers

Protect your brand and delight shoppers by ensuring only the freshest, non-expired inventory is available for sale.​

“Date Check Pro is not only a great partner in operations, but also a trusted consultant to our existing markdown and expired-item loss prevention strategies. They are genuine advocates for our business.”

– Matt Hilbrink, Raley’s

Real-Time Reporting

  • View savings, ROI, staff performance, top expired losses, and more in the Dashboard.

  •  Drill down on top loss products by units or dollars lost compared to sales over the same period.

  • Take advantage of the new Enhanced Tax Deduction (cost + 50% of margin) for food donations through automatic deduction value tracking.

  • Add accountability to date checking with reports on hours used, employee pace, and automated performance outlier alerts.


Would we really need Date Check Pro inventory management if we improved rotation?

The truth is you can’t afford to rotate center store. There is simply too much variety today to have adequate labor hours to rotate every case stocked.

How do you deal with the dates on all new products coming in through receiving?

We keep it simple by only focusing on the closest expiration date on the sales floor. While there is a chance that new inventory can have a closer date, the frequency is minimal, and the labor cost to identify those outliers far exceeds the savings.

What type of devices does the app work on?

Date Check Pro runs best on iPads as it can be paired with a grocery cart mount. It is also available on any Android tablet or from a web browser.

Applied Data Corporation (ADC) has entered into an agreement to acquire Pinpoint Software, Inc, the parent company of DateCheckPro.  The acquisition is a strategic addition to the ADC portfolio, which includes the fresh item management platform FreshIQ and the fulfillment  platform ShopperKit, and will result in a solution that not only reduces food waste and delivers higher sales, but ultimately goes beyond sustainability to a more regenerative approach for retailers.