A Leading Provider For Over 1,500 Businesses

Program Advantages

FV Recycling is a full service cardboard recycler. With recycled cardboard pricing approaching $120 per ton, this is a great time for a retailer to renegotiate their percent of this rebate. Through Circle The Wagons, FV Recycling offers corrugated recycling as well as baler sales, rental, or leasing packages.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

FV Recycling designs, implements, and executes a custom programs to meet all of your recycling needs.


They provide transportation and brokerage of recyclable materials and install, lease, and maintain balers.

Range of Facility Capabilities

FV has proven capabilities across a range of facility types and waste flow processes, handling paper, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard recycling needs for clients across multiple industries.

Exclusive Provider

They are the exclusive cardboard recycling solutions provider to over 1,500 businesses differentiated by our exceptional service, recycling focus, and competitive pricing.

Variety of Services

Their services include LTL bale pickup, full load bale pickup, sale and lease of balers and brokering

Competitive Pricing

FV Recycling's pricing is dependent on location, distance from mill, volume, and service requirements.

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