Vivid Energies LED Lighting

Vivid Energies allows independent grocers to save money and energy with LED lighting solutions.

Save money and energy through CTW's vendor partner, Vivid Energies.

Vivid Energies is a family owned business that is committed to providing energy savings through LED solutions. With custom manufacturing, their LED technology is consistently a year and a half ahead of industry standards. Their top quality products at manufacture direct pricing also means we can provide you with affordable, customized lighting solutions that meet the needs of your business and saves you more. They offer CTW members a free evaluation of their energy usage along with an ROI analysis for LED lighting replacement. Customers typically see an ROI in under 18 months.

$0 Out of Pocket Payments

AND $0 payments until the month after the install

33% Additional Savings

10W tube instead of industry 15W

100% Vivid Energies Operated

All aspects of the project are handled by us

FREE Store Energy Audit

A thorough report of savings opportunities

Extended ROI Payment Terms

Cash positive from day one

0% Financing Option

12-36 month options

Personalized Concierge

An in-house contact will be assigned to every member

How Vivid Energies Works with Independent Grocery Retailers

1. Contact

Your personal concierge will schedule your FREE (no obligation) Energy Analysis which will help pinpoint savings at your stores that can be found with LED lighting.

2. Introduction

Not everyone’s goals are the same for an LED project. From cost savings to the aesthetics of a lighting project, Vivid wants to get a clear picture of your goals so we can develop a customized solution for you. Any past LED installs will be discussed along with overall store vision.

3. Energy Analysis

Vivid’s experienced team will do a complete audit of your stores. They analyze and account for every fixture to ensure you get an accurate savings analysis. This is also where they can prioritize fixtures and areas where you will get the most savings.

4. Product Review

Your proposal from Vivid Energies will contain the results of the Energy Analysis, an estimate on exactly what your store will save with the new LED lighting and expected ROI based on your current energy rate, hours of operation and wattage reduction. Any available rebates will also be included in the proposal.

5. Ready for the Contract

You have decided to move forward with the project! Next step is to review the terms and scope of the project, decide on payment terms and method. Most importantly, this is the time to answer any remaining questions so you are comfortable with the project. You have a contract directly with Vivid Energies.

6. Installation

While you focus on your day to day operations, Vivid’s team will convert your stores to the proposed LED lighting system. So sit back, relax and start realizing the beauty and savings of your new lights.

To start saving with Vivid Technologies, contact Circle The Wagons today!